Sour Cream Instructions

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For best results, please read recipe entirely before beginning.


1/8 tsp. DCI 901 Buttermilk/Sour Cream culture
½ to 4 gallons light cream (18-22% butterfat -- this can be achieved by mixing 1 part heavy whipping cream to 1 part whole milk, for a 50/50 blend that should equate to approximately 20% butterfat)


Stainless-steel pot large enough to hold your milk (double-boiler set-up is best)
Measuring spoons
Large mixing spoon
Note: Please be sure all equipment is sanitized before use.


  1. Heat cream to 150°F and hold for 45 minutes. Use higher temperature of 185°F to improve body and texture of final product – hold for 45 minutes. You may also opt to add non-fat dry milk at this time to get a heavier-bodied sour cream. Be careful to not scald your cream.
  2. Cool cream to 77°F and add culture. Stir culture in gently until dissolved.
  3. Incubate cream at 77°F for 16-18 hours. Cream should be thick and aromatic when finished. If repackaging into smaller containers, stir gently to a smooth consistency.
  4. Refrigerate.


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