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Classic white mold. Characteristics: Low proteolytic activity, Moderate lipolytic (aroma),Low surface density and height. Generally used to achieve moderate-slow ripening time. 

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Brevibacterium linens, Arthrobacter nicotianae, geotrichum candidum: Specific blend for flavor of Normandy cheese and a balanced surface flora between penicillium candidum and acid-sensitive bacteria; two types of b. linens are used in ARN (orange and ivory)

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B Linens 500s

Brevibacterium linens: Selected strain by Abiasa (now Biena). Brevibacterium linens: dark reddish color, high aromatic potential, high proteolytic activity. Prefers more neutral pH for growth.

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CUM Yeast for de-acidification and aroma development. High proteolytic and lypolitic activity. Fast growth Learn More

Yeast for de-acidification and aroma development. Can inhibit blue mold from growing.

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FLAV 54 Adjunct culture recommended for cheddar and other semi-hard cheeses to enhance flavor and aroma. Helps accelerate cheese flavor development. Produces a savory flavor note in aged cheese. Learn More
GEO 13 Mold-like appearance, intermediate flavor and aroma. Slight "mushroom/earthy" aroma. Learn More
GEO 15 Yeast-like appearance, mild flavor and aroma Learn More
GEO 17 Mold-like appearance, very mild flavor and aroma. Enhances the appearance and activity of the P. candidum strains. When used in combination will help minimize proteolysis and lengthen the storage time of the ripened cheese. Learn More

Classic white mold. Characteristics: High proteolytic activity, Moderate lipolytic (aroma), Moderate surface density and height. Generally used to achieve moderate-fast ripening time. 

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