Kosher FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our kosher certification and products

Are your products kosher (including re-packaged products)?

Yes, the majority of the products that we sell are certified kosher (see exceptions below). Products sold by GetCulture are either straight from the original manufacturer (in original packaging and with appropriate kosher certification), or re-packaged and labeled under supervision of Circle-K. The labels on all kosher-certified products are approved by the certifying entity, and certificates are available upon request for any product with a kosher label.

The kosher symbol is not on the pouch, but your website says it’s kosher. Why is this?

Many of the products that we sell come directly from the manufacturer and are intended for industrial use in large creameries all over the world, including countries that do not permit kosher labelling. Thus the kosher status may not be listed on the actual pouch, but the kosher certificate for these items is available, which states that per the certifying agency, a symbol is not required to appear on the pouch itself. Please consult your own resources to determine if this is acceptable for your purpose.

How do I know if a product is kosher while I am shopping on the GetCulture website?

The kosher status of every product can be found within the product description of each product description.

Which products are NOT kosher?

Notable exceptions are: all of the lipases, veal rennet, and the coagulant tablets. Please check the kosher status of each product with every purchase, in case of updates or changes.

Do you carry any Cholov Yisroel or Kosher for Passover cultures/products?

Unfortunately, there is a very limited amount of dairy ingredients made that reach the requirements of either of these levels of kosher, and none are available in practical quantities or volumes for the home user.