About Us

Welcome to GetCulture, a store specially designed to serve the needs of home and hobbyist cheese and yogurt makers.

GetCulture and its parent company, Dairy Connection Inc., operate under one big roof in the heart of cheese country, in Madison, Wisconsin. Dairy Connection Inc. started in 1999 as an ingredient solution for cheesemakers and fermented-milk producers at the specialty, artisan, farmstead, small creamery and hobbyist levels. Founders Cathy and Dave Potter saw a need to serve this important market and partnered with large international dairy-ingredient companies to better service customers who required smaller quantities of cultures, coagulants and other ingredients. Late in 2012, the Potters launched GetCulture online and opened a brick-and-mortar retail store for hobbyists in Madison in 2013.

The GetCulture website includes a wide variety of cultures, coagulants, flavor enzymes and other ingredients needed to make all the different types of American and specialty cheeses as well as fermented milks such as yogurt, kefir and sour cream. You will also find the equipment and other supplies needed for your home creamery.

GetCulture staff are available to answer any questions or to take your order by phone during store hours: 608-268-0462 or by email: info@getculture.com. In addition, Frequently Asked Questions and Resource areas are always available for your reference on this website. Below you will find some additional information that you may find helpful.

The GetCulture team hopes to become an important part of your home creamery. We welcome your comments and suggestions and look forward to doing business with you.

General Information

Contact Us
Phone: 608-268-0462
Fax: 608-242-9036
Email: info@getculture.com
Address: 2314 Vondron Rd, Madison, WI 53718

Store hours (Central Time): 

Monday - Friday 10:00 - 2:00 

If you live in the Madison, Wisconsin area, come visit our retail store! GetCulture's brick-and-mortar store is located at 2314 Vondron Rd. in Madison. Click here to see a map of our location. NOTICE: An appointment is need to visit our store in person during our business hours. Please call or email us to arrange an appointment or pickup. Thank you!

Payment -  To provide the most cost-effective and efficient means to process your orders, GetCulture accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards as well as cash, check or money order on a pre-paid basis for the purchase of all cultures and other ingredients. In the event your check is returned to us for any reason, you will be charged a $25.00 Returned Check fee in addition to the original amount of the check. Orders may be shipped COD by FedEx service only.

International orders -  We are not exporting currently. We ship to addresses within the United States (including U.S. territories) only.

Shipping -   Due to temperature sensitivity of most of our products, we ship all culture orders to arrive within approximately two to five days via Federal Express or Priority Mail, seasonal weather permitting. All shipping charges are at your expense. Rush orders may incur an additional charge. If extreme heat is present in the shipping and/or receiving region, priority shipping methods will be used or in some cases a shipment will not be sent until weather permits. We always strive to communicate any concerns or changes with our customers. If you place an online order on a Monday or Tuesday, your order will ship the next day. Orders placed before 2pm CST on Wednesday will be shipped Wednesday. Orders placed Wednesday after 2pm through Sunday will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday. If you have special circumstances or require expedited shipment, please call us.

Wrong Address -   Correct addresses minimize delays and additional costs in shipments. If there is a wrong address given, it is the customer’s responsibility to assume any additional shipping charges. The customer is also responsible for accepting the product if delivery is delayed. If applicable, please provide a P.O. Box if Priority Mail shipment is requested, and a physical address for all other methods of shipment. Shipments sent via UPS or Federal Express cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box.

Damaged Shipment -   We strive to ensure that your product arrives to you in good form. However, in the case of a damaged or mishandled shipment, please contact us immediately at 608-268-0462 so that we can investigate and do what we can to fix the issue.

Privacy -   Your privacy is important to us. Any personal information collected by GetCulture is used solely for the purpose of our business activities with you. We will never provide this information to any other party.

Product Quality Guarantee -   If you are not satisfied with the quality of our product please contact us immediately. We are happy to work with you to resolve a quality or application issue. GetCulture takes no responsibility for damage or liability caused by use of our product in other products. We can only guarantee the quality of our products once they leave our facilities. It is up to you to assure that they are received and handled in a quality manner. GetCulture takes no responsibility for quality issues arising from products sold and distributed that are in the original manufacturer’s packaging. Always use a safe and sanitary method of dispensing cultures and other ingredients. Cultures are packaged by the manufacturer such that the contents are intended to be used entirely, though we realize home users do not use an entire package of culture at one time. It is recommended to pour contents into measuring device and never insert anything into the package. GetCulture takes no responsibility for any quality issues when only a portion of the original packaged amount of product is used.

Return Policy -   Due to the nature of our products, we are unable to accept ingredient returns as we cannot resell these items because of risk of contamination and mishandling.