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Yogurt Cultures

Yogurt Cultures

GetCulture offers freeze-dried probiotic yogurt culture blends that ensure consistent results when used as directed. All freeze-dried cultures should be stored in a freezer and protected from moisture and contamination. When properly cared for, your yogurt cultures will be good for a year or more. Although we have suggested basic usage amounts for these cultures, the hobbyist cheesemaker will need to do their own measuring, dividing and experimentation based on these suggestions and the variable activity of the culture.

Mild ABY-2C Yogurt

Our most popular culture, Mild ABY-2C yogurt culture produces a probiotic yogurt with a very mild flavor and thick body. 

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Tart ABY-611 Yogurt

Tart ABY-611 yogurt culture produces a probiotic yogurt with traditional full yogurt flavor (slightly tart) and medium body. 

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Medium ABY-653 Yogurt

Medium ABY-653 yogurt culture produces a probiotic yogurt with a mildly tart yogurt flavor and medium body. This culture falls between Mild ABY-2C and Tart ABY-611 in respect to flavor. 

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Dairy-free Yogurt Culture

Dairy-free Yogurt Culture is a blend of dairy-free freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria specifically selected for use in making dairy-free yogurt. 

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