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Supreme Coagulant

Supreme Coagulant is a double-strength, non-animal-based microbial coagulant. This enzyme is produced by the fermentation of a purified culture of the fungal specie Rhizomucor miehei. May be used for all cheeses requiring coagulant. Liquid form. 

Contains: Protease (origin Rhizomucor miehei), sodium chloride, sodium benzoate

Primary Applications: All cheeses requiring coagulant

Allergens (US): NONE

GMO Status: non-GMO

Kosher Status: Kosher, certificate available

SKU EZ-5030-PL
Weight 2.60 oz
Starting at: $7.50
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Usage Rate Hobby Level  Use 1/4 tsp. in 1/4 cup non-chlorinated water per 2 gallons milk. Note that this is a general usage rate and you may need to vary amount according to your recipe and milk.
  • From Ellen at 08/19/2015 9:36 AM
    Is this rennet a product of GMOs? Which of your rennets are GMO free?
    Hello Ellen,
    The Supreme Coagulant is not a GMO. All of the liquid Rennets/Coagulants we sell have an non-GMO Status. Which means they are all GMO free.
    Hope this helps put your mind at ease. Thanks for the question. Please let us know if you have any more.
    GetCulture Staff
  • From Kaitlin Weisman at 03/30/2015 5:08 PM
    What does the caramel color come from? Dye? Plant? Something else?...
    The Caramel Color is an artificial food coloring. The same kind of coloring many soft drink companies use for their cola.
    Good news though, The Supreme Coagulant no longer contains the artificial caramel coloring.
    The Supreme is naturally a shade of caramel but the caramel color was added to darken the coagulant. Many years ago darker coagulants/rennet used to be considered to be stronger. Since the Supreme was a double strength coagulant the manufacturer felt it necessary to darken their product so people would know just by looking at it that it was strong aka double strength.
  • From Judith at 10/23/2014 10:09 PM
    I'd like to see the kashrut certification for this product and the repackaging thereof. It might also be helpful to have that actually on this page, or at least linked from this page.
    Hello Judith,
    Kosher certificates are available for all products with a kosher status upon request. GetCulture doesn't repackage any products. Our vendor that we purchase our private label products from is Kosher certified.
    -GetCulture Support
  • From Karen at 08/18/2014 10:42 AM
    Is this the appropriate rennet for making mozzarella ? Is this rennet good for at least 6 months if refrigerated?
    Karen the answer to your questions are Yes and Yes. Supreme Coagulant is a great rennet for any cheese. People have their preference but they all do the same job.
    Rennet/Coagulant are good for 6 months to 18 months. They all should have a best by date, not an expiration date, on the bottle. The rennet just starts to loose its strength after the best by date.
    Hope this helps.
    GetCulture Support
  • From DANNY at 02/05/2014 10:44 AM
    Hi Danny,
    The Supreme is 710-730 IMCU/ml.
    GetCulture Support
  • From Ilan at 12/17/2013 5:24 AM
    Is this product, which has a kosher certification on the label, still in its original packaging from the manufacturer or has it been re-packaged ever?

    Thank you.
    Hi Ilan,
    This product has been repackaged from its original manufacturing package. The Kosher Label is valid. Kosher Certificates are available, for all of our Kosher products, upon request.

    GetCulture Support
  • From steve at 07/17/2013 10:08 AM
    Is this product made with any animal byproducts? I've heard that some microbial rennet is not necessarily safe for strict vegetarians like myself.
    thank you.
    Hello Steve,
    The DCI Supreme and DCI PF 55 contain no animal by-products.
    GetCulture Support

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